The Third Coming

by Wizardrone

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The third official recording for the one-man down-tempo project influenced by various types of doom and stoner metal..


released December 30, 2010

Wizardrone is H. Jason Wright
H.J. Wright: Percussions, Lows, Mids, Highs, Voices
All Selections Written, Arranged and Performed by H. Jason Wright
Recorded September - November 2010
Thanks To All Supporters Of The Project
Extra Special Thanks To Ed And Doom Metal Alliance
Various Effects And Samples Were Utilized In The Recording For This Album.
The Following Films Were Utilized For Their Involuntarily Contributed Dialogue:
1.) Terror (1978)
2.) The Devil's Hand (1962)
3.) Necromancia (2010)




Wizardrone Huntington, West Virginia

One-man doom / psychedelic metal project formed in 2009 influenced by the likes of Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Saint Vitus, Sleep, Acid King, Yob, Sons Of Otis..

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Track Name: Army Of The Ancients
The Grave And Beyond
With Death We Will Bond
Back To The Battlefield
Armed With Sword And Shield
Vengeance From The Tomb
Guilty Meets Thy Doom
Moment Not Too Soon
Clock Strikes Of High Noon
Declare This Is War !
The Same As Before
Soldiers Marching On
Into The Red Dawn

Attack At Will
Mission Is To Kill
As We Stand Still
This Is Not A Drill

We Are The Unity
Of The Unholy
Sinister And Vile
This Earth We Defile
These Lands We Parade
And We Will Invade
What Was Taken From
Us This Kingdomcome
Taking Back It All
Watching As You Fall
Redemption Today
We Are Here To Stay

Attack At Will
Mission Is To Kill
As We Stand Still
This Is Not A Drill
Track Name: Righteous Evil
Rise From Behind The Shadows
A Figure In Black Dressed To Kill
With A Charm As Wicked As The Hallows
And A Smile That Can Destroy At Will

Preys On The Narrow-Minded
Feeds From The Weakest Fool
Trusted By The Closed-Minded
In A World So Deranged And Cruel

Righteous Evil
I Am Your God Now
Obey And Speak Not
Righteous Evil
Where's Your Savior Now?
Hope Is All You Got

Just Watch As The Sun Turns Black
One Country Becomes One Wicked World
Making Peace Or Plans To Attack
The World's Oyster Is Your Pearl

Government Now Belongs To Me
Listen Now To These Words I Say
Kneel Down Onto Your Knees
Pronounce You Slave On This Day

Righteous Evil
I Am Your God Now
Obey And Speak Not
Righteous Evil
Where's Your Saviour Now?
Hope Is All You Got
Track Name: God's Speed
And Now For The Last Time
I Hath Followed You
When Once Partners In Crime
But Now I Am Through
There Is No Helping One
He Who Bites The Hand
Burn My Eyes With The Sun
Just Trying To Understand
Some Things Will Never Change
And Some Things Really Should
Nothing Wrong With Turning Strange
If It Is For The Better Good
Goddamn This World Is Ugly
To Kick You While You're Down
You Must Fight Back Strongly
With Two Feet On The Ground
Mistakes That Are My Own
That I Cannot Deny
I Wish I Could Leave Alone
But Stuck With Till I Die
Track Name: We Gather At The Grave To Honour The Unsaved
Undead In The Spirit
As The Soul Burns Away
Many Hail And Rejoice
The Dawn Of A New Day
Beneath The Earthen Surface
Closer To Hell By Six Feet
Rise Above The Stony Tomb
A Redemption So Vile And Sweet
Circle Around The Grave
Past The Cemetery Gates
In Honour Of The Unsaved
We Salute Your Wicked State
Track Name: The Great Offering
Bring In The Subject . . .
Track Name: Tides Of Doom
Holy Mountains Fall
To The Earthen Wall
Sky Shines Fiery Red
Wake The Wicked Dead
Trees Come Crashing Down
Lightning Splits The Ground
Sand Swallows The Sea
An Abyss Of Infinity
Now The Storms Have Come
The People Try To Run
Blood In The Form Of Rain
Terror, Fear And Pain
The Locusts Swarm About
To Snuff The Hiders Out
Ashes On The Barren Floor
Gate To The Devil's Door

The Wind Cuts Through The Dust
The Land Turns An Amber Rust
And From Beneath It All
The Fires Come To Take It All
Burning In It's Way
A Little Late To Pray
Flesh Melts From The Bone
Skulls Among The Stone
Victims Of The Swarms
All The Plagues And Storms
Through All Screams And Cries
This Is Our Demise
What Have We Become?
Slaves To The Unholy One
Choking In Your Sins
Welcome To The End
Track Name: Sabbath's Eve
Greetings From The Darkside
Nowhere To Run And Hide
Bow Your Head To Pray
Then We Take You Away
Off With Your Wretched Head
Lifeless But You're Not Dead
Final Thoughts In Your Mind
See Though Your Eyes Are Blind
Worship At The Altar
They Have Come To Halt Her
She Will Never Escape
Evil Has A New Shape
Spirit Takes Her Over
Vengeful Way To Show Her
Twisting From The Inside
And Burning In Hell's Tide
Do You Know Who I Am?
The Wickedness Of Man
I Have Now Become You
The Cursed And The Few
Thy Unholy Bidding
Wish That Were Kidding
Death Is Not A Joke
When There's No Sign Of Hope
What Was This Life For?
And What Is Now In Store?
Was There Even A Purpose?
All In Vain And Worthless...